How They Met ❤️❤️❤️

(On November 27, 2018, I decided to log on to IG to check what’s been happening since I hadn’t done that in a while. While scrolling through, I saw her picture, liked it and scrolled past. Then I came back to look at it again, scrolled up to continue, then came back one last time to look at the picture. I decided to text her (which is something I never do) not expecting a response. But she did. I shot my shot with my first few lines and we just clicked and vibed naturally. We built a really good friendship which naturally evolved to being something more…

Physical beauty is outer beauty of cover to attract all but it is not the same forever;
As age increases, beauty becomes waning Moon but inner beauty is waxing;
True beauty lies in love of heart, mind and soul reflected by the love of a person ❤️ True love lives here 🔥

Patrick + Winnie 💕